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Different Types of Dog Beds

Looking for a dog bed can be overwhelming with the large number of options that are available.  Size, shape, cost, fabric designs and colors all weigh in when you are trying to choose.

At GoodNightDog we are a bit prejudice when it comes to dog beds and their design.
Our dog beds are the premium dog bed for pet lovers. Our products are round dog beds which are made in the USA using premium designer fabric and quality craftsmanship. Our fabrics are 100% cotton, stain and wrinkle-resistant as well as shrink-free. Our quality dog beds come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. We offer a wide variety of designer prints from classic toiles, jacobean florals, Asian themed designs to camoflague and nautical patterns in a variety of colors.  We have made the pillow covers  with zippers that are removable for easy care and cleaning. All GoodNightDog dog bed covers can be machine washed and dried. All pillow inserts are made from our select soft soft poly-fill for maximum comfort.

Read what our customers have to say about our round pillow dog beds HERE.


GoodNightDog Round Dog Bed Appledore 


However, as a consumer, you need to weigh your options and make your own decision.

With that in mind we would like to discuss the different types of dog beds that are available at big box stores, pet stores and online ecommerce sites such as Dog beds are also available at retailers such as Orvis, LL Bean, and Pendleton. Abercrombie & Fitch used to sell amazing dog beds before it turned to focus only on clothing.

Besides doing a search for dog beds, we suggest you also do a search for dog furniture . The results are a plethora of dog beds, dog sofa beds, dog ottomans, dog lounge chairs with tufted backs and dog couches, dog bunk beds and canaopy bed from such well known furniture stores as Wayfair, Ikea, and Pottery Barn. But most people are not going to have to buy a loft bed with a built-in dog crate at the base, or a wooden dog bed with built in steps so your pooch can sleep next to your bed at the same level or a handmade rustic log bunk bed for two dogs. But there are amazing options are out there, if you have the space, desire and the money.
These options are certainly for the pampered pooch!


When choosing a dog bed, it is important to consider your dog’s:

- Size
It is important to choose a dog bed that is the right size for your dog. A too small bed can be uncomfortable for a large dog. They need to be able to stretch out. A too large of a bed can be difficult to move around and just use up space. Dog bed sizes aren’t always consistent between brands. We recommend that you check both a bed’s recommended weight, as well as its dimensions, to ensure your dog will fit in it comfortably.
- Sleeping habits
Does your dog(s) prefer to sleep on their side, back, or stomach, curled up or stretched out.

GoodNightDog Round Dog Bed Blue Toile

- Health  
For pooches with joint issues or who are elderly, senior dogs there are orthopedic beds made with cooling gel inserts, memory foam which provides high-loft orthopedic cushion support, and /or built-in heating pads. The warmth works to relieve stiffness, and also helps to retain your dog’s body heat. These types of beds are designed to provide extra cushioning and support for joints and bones.  A foam or gel-filled core helps to distribute the dog's weight evenly.
Also, as dogs get older, accidents become more common. Waterproof linings and washable covers are helpful when cleaning up.
- Behavior
Dogs often see their beds as a source of safety. After a long day or when they’re home alone, this is the place where they can retreat to, relax and recharge, so it is important to find a comfy bed for your pooch. Also,  think about where your dog likes to sleep and what kind of dog bed would work best in that space.


Wondering what are some of the different types of popular dog beds?

Pillow Dog Bed
The round and also rectangular or square pillow dog bed is probably the most popular type of dog bed. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and prices. At GoodNightDog, our stylish round pillow pet beds come in 3 sizes. Unlike some other dog beds which may not be washable, our dog bed covers as well as the 100% polyester fiberfill insert that are covered with a tightly woven shell can be washed and dried.  We make our dog bed covers using premium designer fabric finished with quality craftsmanship. Our furniture-grade designer fabrics are 100% cotton, shrink-free, stain & wrinkle-resistant, and more durable than many fabrics. 

And a shout out to cat lovers. GoodNightDog has a number of customers who have bought our round pillow pet bed for their fuzzies. You can see pictures of several happy felines on the GoodNightDOg Review page.


Cuddler / Donut-Style Dog Bed
A cuddler or donut shaped dog bed has raised sides around the edge that will hug your dog and give them extra comfort. If your pooch is a cuddler or likes to curl up when they sleep, they may like the warmth and closed in feeling such a design offers.

Memory Foam & Orthopedic Dog Beds
If your dog is old, suffers from any joint conditions, arthritis or has mobility issues, is overweight, or has any other health considerations, a memory foam or orthopedic dog bed might be the answer.
Memory foam is ideal since it is firmer, prevents sagging and gives extra support to joints so dogs can more easier get up from the bed. Many orthopedic dog beds have non-skid rubber bottoms that provides additional stability when your pooch gets in or out of the bed.
Quality orthopedic dog beds often are more pricey. They are made with quality materials such as pressure relieving and gel memory. They may have several layers of memory foam that form up to a 7-10 inch thick sleeping surface. Some additional designs elements include high quality-build bolsters that provide a comfortable headrest, charcoal-infused foam that absorbs bad odors, and anti-tear fabric covers that are waterproof and machine washable. Many of the best orthopedic dog beds will have some type of warranty guaranteeing the bed for a certain number of years.

Pet Furniture / Sofa Dog Bed
This is a large category that can cover dog bed designs in the shape of smaller sofas, canopy beds, human sofas with an attached section for the fuzzies, a wooden framed dog sized bed with nightstands built-into the structure, a nightstand with a space inside where your pet can sleep, a dog sized hammock on a base made from sustainable exotic strand bamboo with a reversible cushion, a regular (human)  bed height structure with graduated steps leading up to a cushioned bed so your pet is just an arms reach away…. The options are limitless if you are willing to pay. However, be aware that some of these pet furniture dog beds are large and cumbersome. 


Cave-Style or Nesting Dog Bed
With a foam or over-stuffed polyester filling base and an attached cover, creating a pocket that dogs can burrow into, a cave bed will give your dog the cozy darkness of a den they desire, particularly if they are a breed that is naturally inclined to burrow. They are available in many sizes and fabrics, with usually either a round or rectangular base shape. A cave style dog bed speaks to some of their natural instincts. Young puppies and burrowing breeds like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and even big dogs like Huskies are also good candidates. Known for being plush, comfortable and for that secure feeling of a warm hug, these beds not just for snoozing, but a place to help reduce a dog’s anxiety.

Heated Dog Bed
A heated dog bed may be just what your canine friend needs and deserves if you have an older dog with joints issues, a senior dogs who isn’t able to self-regulate his/her temperature,  a dog with short hair, dogs who spend a lot of time in outdoor sheds, dog houses, garages, or other shelters, live in colder climates, or a young pup who misses cuddling with litter mates. A warming dog bed can create a familiar, comforting environment. Just like regular dog beds, heated dog beds are available in a number of different design styles from  traditional bolster beds, to pads that thermostatically controlled to respond to their body temperature, to pads with 12 Level temperature and timer gauge with cords that are wrapped to be chew-resistant and certified to meet U.S. electrical standards. If the bed is for outdoor use with an electric heating element, make sure it has a steel cover for the plug to prevent damage from water or animals.
There are also thermal self-heated beds with a thin layer of Mylar that insulates, rising to your pet's own heat so they stay cozy without any electric cord.
if your pooch has the habit of digging or chewing his bed, you may want to avoid electric-based heating dog beds!

Elevated Dog Bed
People buy a raised dog bed for a variety of reason. These reinforced cots stand more than six inches off the floor and let fresh air circulate underneath your pet while elevating them off of uncomfortable surfaces that may be hot, cold, or hard. Placing a raised bed over a naturally cool hard surface like tile or concrete can help keep your dog extra cool in hot weather. A raised dog bed provides firm, even, orthopedic support across your pet's entire body. Some are even designed to be easily portable. They are great for an outdoor patio.


There are a variety of materials that can be used for dog beds. Dog beds made of materials that are machine-washable are probably the best choice. They are easy to throw it in the washer. Some young or senior dogs may need a bed that is easy to clean because of accidents.
Look for quality material.  You don’t want to have to keep replacing the dog bed because of shoddy material or workmanship. Dogs who are rambunctious or bigger may need a bed that is more durable. A heavy-duty fabric such as denim or canvas can withstand a lot of wear and tear and are also easy to clean.

Pricing is always a consideration for dog bed purchases.  You’ll want to purchase a bed in your budget, but you don’t want to go too cheap. A higher-end, high-quality bed will stand up to the stress of time and be worth the investment.

Happy shopping! 

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