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About Lola

Hi, my name is Lola! Welcome to:


My name is Lola; I'm a Golden.  I like to sleep a lot.  I've tried countless dog beds, and none were ever as beautiful or as comfortable as I had hoped they would be.  So, I made my own.  My Dog Beds are the world's greatest.  Why don't you, sit, and I'll tell you why... is a canine-run business that is dedicated to making the world’s greatest Dog Bed.  I use the highest quality designer fabrics and prints. All manufacturing of my dog beds is done right here in the USA.

My Luxury Dog Beds are beautiful and comfortable.  They are sleek, efficient and look great in any room, anywhere.  My Beds do not have unnecessary side walls found on many other pet bed designs, sidewalls cramp my style. My Dog Beds are round, plush, beautiful pillows.  This design feature allows me more freedom to lay any which way I please.  Dogs love freedom.  My GoodNightDog Luxury Dog Bed is really a decorative pillow and the perfect sleep space for your loving dog. I love them, Dogs love them, and even people love them. 

To ensure that my Luxury Dog Beds will look great in any room, anywhere in the world, I use superior quality fabrics from the most famous fabric designers in the Home Textile Industry.

My Luxury Dog Bed customers can count on the highest quality standards that use the best technology and most expensive dyes to print our fabrics.


I am proud to say that my Luxury Dog Beds are factory-sewn in the USA. In addition, the insert of the dog bed is likewise made in the USA from premium POLY FILL, for long lasting comfort. Highest quality guaranteed.


The result is a Luxury Dog Bed, made to the highest manufacturing standards, with fabric designed by the best creators of Home Textile fabrics.  My Luxury Dog Beds are so fantastic, you may even want to sleep on them yourself!


Keeping your GoodNightDog bed clean and fresh looking is easy. Its cover can be easily removed and washed. 


Your Dog deserves the best!


Enjoy Your GoodNightDog Luxury Dog Bed,


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