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For the 2nd year in a row Good Night Dog has been selected to be included in Vogue Magazine's

Foolproof Holiday Gifts For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

The iconic fashion magazine, Vogue, highlighted GoodNightDog's BLUE TOILE dog bed in their GIFT GUIDES section called
Foolproof Holiday Gifts For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

168 Luxury Dog Beds (100 per page)

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Luxury Dog Beds from

For the 2nd year in a row Good Night Dog has been selected to be included in Vogue Magazine's

Foolproof Holiday Gifts For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

The iconic fashion magazine, Vogue, highlighted GoodNightDog's BLUE TOILE dog bed in their GIFT GUIDES section called
Foolproof Holiday Gifts For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

Luxury Dog Beds from

Are dogs beds a relative recent phenomenon?

Mostly likely not. The wealthy of many societies treated dogs as special pampered companions. Among the wealthy, only hunting dogs were kenneled outside while most other dogs/ puppies slept with their masters or mistresses. For the rest of the pet owning population, dogs were often considered a utilitarian animal kept to perform many roles such as protection, hunting, herding, pulling loads, etc.  Their companionship, however, has given canines the label, "man's best friend".  It's no wonder, therefore, that among the 62% of Americans who own pets, seven out of ten times, it's a dog. Most everyone knows some one who is a dog owner. Consequently, a huge industry has developed around "man's best friend" that includes veterinarian care, canine special foods, clothing, and pet products and accessories that range from dog collars and toys to dog houses, dog doors, and dog beds. 

So why should you have a bed for your canine friend?

- An elevated dog bed acts as an insulator. Without it, a dog is forced to deal with the discomfort of chilly or overheated floor boards, carpets or tiles in the winter. In the summer a similar situation can be found in air conditioned rooms.

- If you are dealing with an aging, big or overweight dog, a good, large dog bed is able to support the weight of the dog as well as temporarily relieve the stress on joints and bone while it sleeps.

- A dog bed , even a small dog bed, will restrict more of your dog's hairs onto one accessible space for easy cleaning, alleviating the build-up of dirt, hair, and dander throughout one’s house

- Training a dog to use his own bed prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the furniture. Your furniture will stay in better condition- no sagging, fraying etc.

- Having his/her own bed, gives a dog a sense of privacy and security.


There are many reasons why your pup should have a bed of his/her own. Read about the importance of a comfortable sleeping space and the benefits of using a dog bed. In actual fact, you might consider providing more than one…maybe two or three. These are just a few benefits to having dog beds: they can be used for napping during the day in one room and sleeping at night in another room.


Your dog’s bed will keep him dog warm, support arthritic joints, and prevent calluses. Unlike your couch or your bed, dog beds are spaces that pups can have all to themselves.


Dog beds should be easy to wash, which will make life easier if your dog has an accident or gets into something dirty. Many of the best dog beds have covers or a surface that is easy to clean.


A dog bed can also make your dog feel comfortable when you travel. Your pup will rest easier and feel less anxiety in her own bed.


A dog bed is a place of security that belongs only to that one dog and they should always feel safe on it.


A dog bed can make a crate more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean a dog can spend 10 hours a day in a dog crate just because it has a bed. Every dog can benefit from having a place where they can feel calm either day or night.






The GoodNightDog Bed Design

After having a variety of dogs for over 40 years now, we have found at GoodNightDog, that the round, plush, pillow dog bed design shape is the most accommodating for the majority of dogs - basically a designer dog bed cushion that's comfy and easy to clean. Some of the features that help make our pet beds the first choice for many people are the highest quality designer fabrics, premium 100% Polyester fiberfill insert padding covered with a tightly woven shell, unique hidden zipper construction that stows zipper pull to discourage chewing, thick side gussets/boxing that allow for maximum loft and more comfort, and proudly made in the USA.

Since dogs naturally seek out a comfortable place to relax and rest, every dog benefits from having his/her own dog bed for lounging and sleeping. Our designs allow dogs more freedom to lay any which way they like. Our Round Dog Beds do not have unnecessary sides or side frame that are often found on many other pet bed designs, sidewalls can cramp your pet's style.

Finding a bed that meets the needs and ends up being your dog's favorite place to curl up and fall asleep is made easy at Our dog beds are durable, washable, and made from stylish fabrics. Both the cover and the insert are washing machine and dryer friendly. Just remove the outside dog bed cover from the 100% polyester non-allergenic insert. Read more about our Washing Instructions. Some pet parents even buy a protective pet bed liner for our pet bedding as a great defense against accidents. Sometimes having that extra layer can make a difference when cleaning up a puppy or older dog's mess.

At we provide small, medium and large bed sizes in numerous design styles / categories for any breed of dog. Quality construction and durable materials means our dog bedding will last longer and be more comfortable for your pooch. And the high end designs of these round, plush, Luxury Dog Beds will compliment the decor in any room of your home.

Read the reviews from our customers. That’s what we want for you and your dog.

Dog Beds Facts : Stats : FAQ


Reasons To Give Your Dog A Massage

Seriously? A dog massage?! This the response some people might have when they hear you say that you are thinking about massaging your dog. Just as with humans, massaging your dog can relieve pain and stress, as well as calm nerves.

Rubi Sullivan, CSAMP (certified small animal massage practitioner) explains that “massage is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that is a great way to maintain your dog’s health and well-being, as well as regular veterinary visits.”

Here are the Benefits:

Massage can benefit a dog any age. It is easy and obvious to see improvement in your dog’s mobility, but not as easy to observe the increase the movement of your dog’s body fluids. The increased fluid circulation can flush toxins from the body. Massage can also relieve your dog’s pain and stress. Stress can be displayed in many physical ways and can contribute to a variety of illnesses.

Reduction of Stress and Easing of Muscle Restrictions:

Just as people, dogs get muscle knots and stiffness. Just as massage helps people, dog massage helps alleviate these knots and stiff areas. Precisely, dog massage will help to relax and detach the connective muscle tissues. This will allow the body fluids to pump freely through the area.  When fluids can move easily, it decreases pain and stiffness.

As dogs begin to age, they can develop a variety of health related problems associated with the aging process. Arthritis and joint problems can contribute to a loss of flexibility and mobility. Dog massage can afford a better quality of life for our animals by increasing movement and flexibility as well as just making them feel better in general.

Should I Massage My Arthritic Dog?

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that causes pain, soreness and stiffness in a dog’s joints, specifically the hips, lower spine and knees. It also affects the elbows and shoulders, but less severely. Massaging your older dog’s muscles for a few minutes every day will help slow down the degenerative process of arthritis. In addition, massage can help relieve some of your dog’s pain and reduce some of the muscle tension associated with the disease.

Please watch this short video if you want to learn more about massaging your best friend.





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