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Washing Instructions



You have just purchased a GoodNightDog Round Dog Bed, the world's most beautiful dog bed.

Now let's learn how to keep the world's most beautiful dog bed looking beautiful...


Washing Instructions:  (Both the cover and the insert are MACHINE WASHABLE!!)

1) Start by shaking off the entire bed outside.

  • Depending on the situation, a quick vacuum or lint roller could save your washing machine a lot of work.

2) Remove outside dog bed cover from 100% polyester non-allergenic insert.

  • The insert travels in/out of the cover best when folded into a taco shape.

3) Wash the dog bed cover:

  •         machine wash cold, gentle cycle (light detergent, no bleach)        
  •         machine dry low heat or line dry.        

4)  Wash 100% polyester non-allergenic insert:

  •         machine wash cold, gentle cycle (light detergent, no bleach)      
  •         machine dry on low heat (Pro Tip: use 2-3 clean tennis balls/dryer balls to help reduce drying time)


Separating our Dog Bed Cover from our washable insert is easy:

1)  Carefully unzip dog bed cover

2)  Here's the trick: fold the insert like a taco so that it fits easier through the zipper opening

3)  Gently remove insert

To replace the insert reverse the steps above, and remember to fold the insert like a taco and gently and slowly stuff the insert back into the dog bed cover

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